EV Charging


Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is rolling out at record speed to keep up with the enormous revolution in eMobility and Tarkenta is already at the forefront of delivering charging solutions.
From the domestic household to the corporate office, from the car park of the local leisure or sports facility to your favourite restaurant, Tarkenta have built up very strong relationships with the EV Technology leaders across Europe to provide turnkey solutions for every scenario in the Irish market.

TARKENTA combines its specialist battery knowledge with its renewable energy know how, to provide the most economical way of charging electric vehicles – including from your own privately generated solar energy, via “Battery Walls” or “Wallboxes”, or directly on a sunny day.
Tarkenta can help Corporate Employers, Property Managers, Shop Restaurant Owners, all to realise the massive benefits of having EV Chargers in their car parks for employees, customers, and residents in addition to creating recuring revenue streams.