Tarkenta is now established as the major battery supplier to the country’s lawn mower businesses. We focus on battery quality at good value for money pricing and designed to give lawn mowers a longer life. With respected performance brands like Landport, Enix, Lucas and Haze, Tarkenta take great pride in standing over the quality of these brands we have a strong relationships with.

We offer an extensive range of batteries from our well stocked warehouse for lawn mower and lawn tractors, covering major brands such as Mountfield, John Deere, Toro, Husqvarna, Gardencare, Stihl, Castlegarden and Viking. These are brands that require the highest level of “Cranking Amps” (CCA) and not just voltage (V) and amps (Ah) that many lesser quality battery brands can only rely on. We provide our business clients with a reliable and dependable supply and consistent delivery service which accounts for the repeated battery orders from satisfied customers.