Our tried and tested range of Avon leisure batteries are a deep cycle battery and are the type of battery that is well suited to electric fencing.

A deep cycle or leisure battery has thicker plates and is able to handle a greater level of discharge. In other words, you can take more power out of the battery before the battery gets damaged.

If any standard car 12v battery is used and has too much power removed, there is a change in the chemistry of the battery. This change will cause the lead plates to become covered in crystals (sulfation). This in turn will reduce the batteries capacity, so it can hold less power.
Whilst this process does not happen over night it does happen steadily so allowing a new battery to have too much power removed  could measurably reduce its capacity in as little as 3-4 months.

That is why the Tarkenta range of Avon Leisure / Deep Cycle batteries are and ideal solution for your electric fence as its power source.

Tarkenta Electreic Fence Batteries